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Pick Your Path

Get the support you need to help you get what 

you so deeply desire.

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*By application only*

customized one-on-one transformational experience for high achievers ready to identify and breakthrough the roadblocks (seen and unseen) holding them back in their life or business to achieve their next level of success and fulfillment.


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A 90-day immersive online program using a powerful combination of targeted coaching, subconscious reprogramming, and small group accountability to bust through deeply-held limiting beliefs, get unstuck and (finally) create the BIG results you want in your business and life!


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Take a self-study program to transform your life.

* Align your energy and reprogram your beliefs to easily manifest what you want.

*  Expand your self-love to access true happiness, inner peace and ultimate fulfillment


I've been working with Stephanie since 2016. I used to have really bad anxiety in two big areas in my life - auditioning and relationships. One session each for each issue and those issues were GONE! When I try to recall the issue or the feeling of anxiety, it's completely blocked. I am a completely different partner and actor. I have seen the incredible results and manifestations in my life because of this work. Steph is an incredible brain and spirit wizard that can change your life in an hour. The work we do together is deeper and more permanent than years of therapy and workshops and healing work. If you're like me and have things you feel like you've been working on your whole life and can't seem to fully shake or unblock, I promise you, there is relief and a changed state of life and mind here. 

—  Jessica Kemejuk

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Actress and Film Producer

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