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A 90-day immersion to bust through subconscious blocks, get unstuck, and become the person you need to be to effortlessly increase your impact, income and fulfillment! 

You have important work to do in the world. 

You know that you are meant to serve. That people need what you were born to give. That you have something to contribute that will improve lives.

But you keep catching yourself playing small and hiding out.

Maybe you feel stuck. You’ve been on the exhausting and endless journey of learning more, doing more and your results aren’t changing.  You know what you’re supposed to do to get the results you want, but you’re still struggling to get them.


Or maybe you’re more focused on perfection, or you’re overwhelmed by the uncertainty so you never

take action. 

Maybe you doubt yourself and constantly feel like you need to learn one more thing, so you keep reading or taking courses staying in a constant state of learning rather than executing.

You might be holding back based on fear of judgment, fear of failure or rejection.  

Or maybe you’ve been lone wolfing it feeling rushed and pressured, never having enough time. You're trying to do it alone and feeling like you're drowning in a sea of too much to do, unable to keep juggling it all. (It’s exhausting, I know!)  

Have you had enough yet?

Are you ready to break free of the fears and beliefs that have been sabotaging and holding you back from fully stepping into your mission?  


Are you willing to go deep and get uncomfortable in order to shift into new beliefs and become the woman you need to be to create your success in life and business? 


Are you open to aligning your energy (vs wasting it) to effortlessly attract what you want?


Are you up for finally putting yourself out there and fully being seen? (While being FULLY SUPPORTED by a group of badass peeps!)

Let's get real...

Breaking through to your next level and fully stepping into your true potential ain’t always a cake walk. Fear of judgement and rejection is a mofo. Even if you know better, it can be tough to do what it takes to really go BIG.


I get it - I’ve been there. 


I had spent way too much time playing small, and A TON of money investing in business coaches. I learned all the strategy, but still wasn’t taking the action I knew I needed to take to actually increase my impact and  income, and ultimately my own fulfillment.


On the outside, I was a successful transformational coach and hypnotherapist. But on the inside, I knew I wasn’t living into my potential. I wasn’t doing the things that I perceived as scary - that could have me be judged, rejected, abandoned, or show me that I’m not “good enough.” 


Instead, I kept myself busy. I was checking things off the ‘to-do’ list. I hustled hard on the things that weren’t next-leveling my business.


I was on the struggle bus feeling so frustrated and  burning out. I kept hitting my set point and stuck in the same pattern.

Days, weeks, months passed by, and I wasn’t getting the results that I knew I was capable of. 

Then it finally became clear...

What it took me a bit to see was that our success or failure, our prosperity or scarcity, our impact or our overwhelm is not so much determined by the tactics, mechanics or strategies that we employ in our businesses, but by the MINDSET, BELIEFS and our IDENTITY (our sense of self, our core beliefs and values) that we bring into our mission. 


Here’s the secret that most people don’t know…it's not what you do but who you BE, and who you BECOME, that determines the impact, influence and income you ultimately create. 


Understand this, everything you have now comes from what you have done, and what you have done comes from who you have been.


I knew I had to shift my beliefs and who I was BEing, but all the ‘mindset’ work that other coaches were doing with me was only working the conscious level.

The game changer that supported me in busting through my inner blocks, that got me out of my fears and into BIG action, was when I started reprogramming my subconscious mind. I began clearing the limiting beliefs and programming new beliefs that aligned with what I wanted to achieve. I programmed empowering subconscious beliefs about myself, and that I was capable, worthy and deserving of everything my big heart desired. I also started BECOMING who I needed to be to actually achieve the impact and income I wanted.

I also began creating a
NEW ME,  training myself to BE the woman who got the results I wanted, and that’s when I actually did. I started BEing BOLD, COMMITTED, COURAGEOUS,  SELF-INTEGROUS AND GRATEFUL, and boy, lemme tell you, the magic started to flow IN. 

Your Subconscious Mind Holds The Key To Change Your Reality

Most people don’t realize just how much the subconscious directs and controls their beliefs, thoughts and actions. And even fewer take the time to make sure what’s programmed in there actually serves them.


Again, even if you know the strategy, if you have limiting beliefs, you aren’t BEing the type of woman who gets the kickass outcomes you’re capable of, or don’t feel you’re worthy of having the success, no amount of strategy will get you the results you want.


When I became certified and started practicing hypnosis, applying neuroscience principles and other subconscious reprogramming techniques for my clients, I saw firsthand how effective it is at identifying blind spots, transforming limiting beliefs, and moving people into action... and FAST!! 


That’s what I’m here to share with you…

I have been a part of a bajillion masterminds, and they all had elements that were extremely helpful, but none of them went deep into discovering those beliefs hiding in your blindspots keeping you stuck, reprogramming new empowering subconscious beliefs,  and transforming youridentity with relentless accountability.


Nothing out there focuses BOTH aligned action and beliefs.

This is the mastermind I WISH I’d had! 

Here’s just a small taste of some of the  breakthoughs we’ll create for you in the BECOME Mastermind:   

  • Get absolute clarity about what you want to create, how you’re going to accomplish it, and the tools to actually do it.

  • Eliminate the limiting beliefs, self-criticism and negative patterns of thinking that are preventing you from taking your life and business to the next level.

  • Discover the fastest, most powerful method for creating immediate transformation, changing the way you think and act, and rewiring your brain.

  • Break free from the stories and limitations of the past and empower you to master the principles necessary to create extraordinary results in your business, finances, relationships, health and life. 

  • Stop letting your circumstances dictate what’s possible for you

  • Become invincible to judgment and rejection because you know it’s the key to success

  • Develop a powerful mindset to permanently eliminate the stress, struggle and overwhelm that's stealing your income, joy and dreams.

  • Fully and consistently align your thoughts, emotions and actions with the extraordinary vision you have for your life.

  • Transform the way you think about your business, money, relationships, customers and yourself so that you can have absolute clarity and unshakeable confidence in everything you do in your business and life. 

  •  Create a new identity that’s aligned with what you want so you can create an extraordinary life for yourself and those you love.

  • Master your energy and start attracting what you wanted with ease and ditch the hustle and grind

  • Shift from being an overthinker, a doubter, a worrier and a solopreneur... to a resourceful, courageous & powerful entrepreneur.

  • Finally breakthrough to your next level to be, do and have what you want with a heckuva lot more effortless flow

Here's what you'll get in the Mastermind

  • A two hour 1:1 Rapid Transformational Upgrade Hypnosis Session. This private session will be customized just for you. This particular technique is my secret weapon that I use with all my high profile clients to literally upgrade any limiting belief. We’ll uncover the root cause of what’s been holding you back, and completely upgrade your beliefs to align it with what you want. 

  • Continued Subconscious Reprogramming. As you take action towards next leveling your life and business, if any other blocks come up, we will tackle them through additional hypnosis and subconscious reprogramming processes to continuously upgrade your beliefs and identity to support your goals.

  • Energetic Practices. Your energetic state is vital to your ability to tap into your creativity, be open for divine inspiration and to effortlessly attract what you want. You will learn ways to amplify your energy and be in practice with the collective group to ensure your energy is a match for the magic you want to draw into your life.

  • Customized Strategic Plan. We will create a strategic plan for you to execute during your 90 days to raise your visibility, impact and income.

  • Accountability. There will be deep accountability with individual and group check-ins and thorough support from my team to ensure you stay on top of and complete your deliverables. No hiding out here! 

  • Live Weekly Breakthrough Sessions. We will have TWO weekly video calls for you to get support, clarity, guidance and answers you need! In each breakthrough session there will be hot seat brainstorming for each member. When you’re on the hot seat the entire mastermind will brainstorm and pour their ideas into you for your business. These will be scheduled so everyone will have multiple turns.

  • Badass Tribe. You will have a phenomenal and intimate tribe of badass, heart-centered entrepreneurs to connect with that will become your new circle of influence and support.

  • Private Facebook Group. This is where you and your badass tribe will connect, support and celebrate all your wins on the daily (and trust me, there will be A LOT of wins to celebrate!).

  • Expert Masterclasses. There will be masterclasses throughout the 90 days with experts who will support you in elevating your life and business. We’ve got productivity experts who will show you how to get more done in less time. A flow mastery teacher who will show you how to tap into flow to be able to align with your highest creativity and abundance. An Instagram expert to show you how to strategically use Instagram to grow your following and biz. And so much more tailored to the specific needs of the group.

  • Money & Abundance Breakthrough. You will be taken through a process to dismantle any fears or disempowering money stories that are holding you back from having the abundance you desire and deserve.

In the BECOME Mastermind, you'll go through a

3-phase journey to help you identify and transform your limiting beliefs, activate your inner-power and gifts, and rise to your next level of creation and results that you want. 



We will dig in to identify all the ways you keep getting in your own way and start transforming your beliefs to align with what you want so you can attract it with ease. We’ll generate the new qualities and characteristics for you to embody to BE and become the unstoppable woman you need to be to (finally) achieve everything you want. Finally, you’ll get super clear and aligned with your vision for your life and business so things become easy and fun again!



You will start activating your gifts more powerfully into the world, taking next-level inspired action that’s aligned with your clear vision. You’ll also activate and fully embody all the qualities and characteristics you identified to feel unshakable in your presence, having deep certainty knowing you can and will have what you want. You’ll also learn how to work with energetics and apply the Universal Laws so you can create from flow and effortlessly attract your outcomes.



You want next level-results? That’s what you’re going to get. Our work together in this phase will get you there! This is where you’ll stretch and learn all the strategies to operate at your next-level and master your energy to be more and get more done in less time. You’ll see where you should really focus your time and energy for maximum productivity. You’ll discover easier, quicker ways to get things done and eliminate distractions. Get ready to stand with confidence and pride as you blow the roof off of what you’re capable of achieving and who you’re capable of being! 

The goal is by end of 90 days that you won’t recognize yourself as you’ve upgraded who you are and how you show up for your life and business, aaaaand you’ll be amazed and inspired by the mega results you’ve created!

Finally stepping up into who I know I’m meant to be and experiencing the powerful shifts in my life and business since working with Stephanie in her mastermind has been invaluable. I got clear on my vision, cleared a lot of limiting beliefs that had kept me stuck, and am now working from flow. I had a huge breakthrough in putting myself out there finally believing that people will support me, and that they want to be involved with what I’m doing. This happened. I brought my vision to life, had my first successful event and now I’m planning one for NYC and beyond. Amazing opportunities keep coming to me. I’ve experienced so much rapid growth, opened myself up and stretched into greater authenticity and vulnerability. The next level feels incredible and I’m so thankful to Stephanie for getting me there.

—  Aviva Mohilner

Brand Builder, Founder of HELD

My program has helped many people that have felt just like you do.

See what they have to say: 

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 12.34.56

If you’ve ever thought to yourself ...

"Man, if only I had started this __ years ago!"



"If only I had jumped when I had the chance, I would be SO much further along!" 

...don’t do that here!


Where will you be 1 year from now, or hell... 3 years from now with being on the exact same trajectory as you are now while doing the same things you’ve always done?

Don’t let another year or even another day pass with fear in the driver's seat. C’mon take the first bold leap to live more fully and to go after what you want NOW. I’m here to support you.


If you’re done with the struggles, fear, and overwhelm that stop you every time you think about your business, then get yourself IN and BECOME the person you’re meant to be to (finally) get the results that you want.


To get started, just click below to apply. If it’s a good fit, we’ll  reach out to schedule a clarity call.


 Whether with me or someone else, my goal is to see you WIN. 


It’s time to truly transform who YOU are and raise the roof off what you thought was possible for you.


Learn how you can surpass your own limitations to create an integrated life where you can truly have it all 


It's time for you to BECOME the bold unstoppable badass that you are and step into YOUR next level of life and biz!

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