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I’m a Subconscious Rewiring Coach, Hypnotherapist, Breathwork Facilitator and Host of the Rise Higher Podcast. I’m your secret weapon to help you get to your next level.


My life has been rich in deeply transformational experiences, fueled by my excitement to learn how to master my inner world, so I can easily attract everything I want in my outer world.

I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the science and philosophy of what motivates people, their habits and behavior, and what creates deep inner peace and happiness, and the most extraordinary shifts in their lives.

I understand my clients who are entrepreneurs, influencers, high-achievers and other professionals intimately because I’ve done the deep dive within myself...and I’m talking DEEP.

Being a successful, high-achieving person who gets stuck is so FRUSTRATING.

For a long time I was the typical super-achieving Chinese-American who was all about the push push push to get results, but I was also bumping up against my own walls and wasn’t getting to where I wanted to go.

Growing up, I was programmed to achieve and struggled with a lot of doubt my whole life. Everything I did achieve came with doubt and feeling like it was never enough, which would sabotage me from trying to achieve more or minimize my achievements - it was a vicious cycle. No matter how much I achieved, I never felt good enough, worthy or deserving of the things I wanted and I couldn’t figure out why. I doubted my abilities to be, do and have what it is that I wanted.I learned later that it was because of old subconscious programming I was totally unaware of.

Throughout my life, I had many struggles due to this disempowering programming of my identity and beliefs that was stealthily running in the background. It wasn’t until I started doing deep inner work that I realized how much I was run by my programming and let my mind control me, instead of me being the master of it. I could see why I felt so badly about myself all the time, even when I was kicking ass. Feeling like a fraud, comparing myself to others, minimizing myself - it was constant. I thought how I felt was normal and it wasn’t. But even through all the personal growth courses I did, I still felt blocked. Also, I could see people doing inner work, but not creating lasting change for themselves. Why was nothing changing radically and permanently?

Through my work and my journey, I discovered the problem went much deeper.

The answer was at the subconscious level. Unconsciously, I believed the more I succeeded, the more I would be judged. In my subconscious, if believed that if I didn’t achieve, I would lose love; but, if I achieved too much, I would outshine others and be abandoned. I wanted love and I didn’t want to be alone. If I didn’t rewrite this story, there was no way I was going to get to the next level. 


I saw it was through hypnosis, psychosomatic work and other subconscious reprogramming techniques that I could gain direct access to the subconscious mind to transform and rewire these beliefs that were outdated and getting in the way of the success I was truly craving.  Here's the thing, you can’t completely transform and create permanent change if you are only working at the conscious level. That's why reading books, listening to podcasts, simply talking about the issue, or going to workshops or seminars won't cut it. That's all conscious level work. You've got to access the subconscious to rewire and update your beliefs and your programming to align with your goals so you can (finally) achieve them, AND with ease. When your subconscious beliefs align with your conscious desires, BAM, that's when everything you want can actually happen. Otherwise, you'll just keep getting in your own way.


The good news is, it really doesn't have to be that hard to create positive, permanent change to empower yourself.

I had to rewire my subconscious beliefs to see myself as the person who could achieve these things and still have love.

With hypnosis, emotional embodiment and subconscious reprogramming, I started seeing rapid results with my coaching clients. They could stop running on old programming and start running on new programming to get them what they really wanted in life. My clients call me their secret weapon because they have been able to clear lifelong struggles, negative thinking, and bad habits through only a few sessions.


So, if you’re a high-achiever too, but you’ve been feeling stuck and you're struggling to get the results you want that you know you’re capable of producing, you've got to do the inner work where it matters most. You can create big change and step into your greatness and upgrade your life-you just need to upgrade your subconscious programming.

When what you believe about who you are, what you're capable of, and what you're worthy or deserving of having lines up with what you want...then *BAM* that's when you manifest it with ease. It really is that simple. And changing that in your subconscious is that simple too. 


You don’t have to keep spinning your wheels.

You can break through the invisible inner

barriers to create what you want with more ease, joy and fulfillment...and I’m here to help you.

My Official Cred

Because of my personal journey and mission to help others these past 15 years, I have amassed a large amount of knowledge, ageless wisdom teachings, effective tools, techniques and practices that work, and when applied and integrated into your life, can bring forth happiness, abundance and inner peace no matter what.

  • I have a Psychology Degree from U.C. Berkeley.

  • I became a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach through the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute.

  • I turned to my coaches and mentors Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes to get trained in Strategic Interventions.

  • I was trained as a hypnotherapist through the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.

  • I'm a certified NLP Practitioner.

  • I am a trained Breathwork Facilitator who creates transformative breathwork journeys to rewire subconscious belief systems, heal trauma, release deep-rooted fears and stress, and create clarity and connection to your authentic self.

  • I was the resident coach for 5 years at Clearview, a women’s treatment center working with women who struggled with mental health disorders and addictions.

  • I coached at two addiction rehab centers, Passages Malibu and Resolutions Therapeutic Services.

  • Other teachers over the past 15 years have been LIFE, failures, other coaches, healers, plant medicines, and amazing friends and family.

  • I am experienced and skilled at creating dynamic action-oriented exercises and workshops to help people learn how to implement positive shifts in their lives.

  • I have worked one-on-one with hundreds of people from executives and entrepreneurs to artists and celebrities, helping them to put themselves in charge of their own life. I’ve guided people back to their personal power and infinite potential, helping them to see life differently, giving them skills and confidence to fulfill their personal vision, and helping them make positive change that transforms their lives.

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