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This is the most intimate way to work with me one-on-one and is by application only.

The Breakthrough is a customized one-on-one transformational experience for high achievers ready to identify and breakthrough the roadblocks (seen and unseen) holding them back in their life or business to achieve their next level of success and fulfillment.


The Breakthrough is either 1 or 3 months long (depending on what you're looking to achieve). It is a blend of targeted coaching, hypnosis, subconscious reprogramming and mindset mastery practices to empower you.


Whether you want to... 

✦ Launch that new program or initiative.

✦ Hit a major revenue or life goal.

✦ Finally write that book, create that new product, or start that business.

✦ Attract love into your life (because you've crushed all your biz goals and ready to be in an amazing partnership with your soulmate!)


Whichever you choose, you’ll have me by your side every step of the way, working with you directly to make it happen.

Together, we'll go straight to the source in your subconscious and eliminate limiting beliefs at the root cause. Through a powerful subconscious clearing/reprogramming process, we'll disrupt old patterns and rapidly reprogram the exact beliefs that are aligned with what you want, so you can create and attract it with ease.

Through this high-level work, I can help you: 

✦ Eliminate stress and anxiety
✦ Increase your levels of financial abundance

✦ Transform your business and relationships

✦ Create clarity and feel inspired to take action on what matters to you

✦ Release self-doubt, self-judgment, and imposter syndrome and create from flow
✦ Overcome any fears of failure, success, judgment, rejection, abandonment, etc. to
show up more confidently and powerfully
✦ Become a magnet to more easily and effortlessly attract what you want (and ditch the hustle)

✦ Stop harmful habits

✦ Remove barriers to your productivity and stop procrastinating

✦ Feel happier and more fulfilled
✦ Create a deeper connection and kinder relationship with yourself
✦ Support you in living from a greater sense of purpose
✦ Heal old trauma so you can be free
✦ Make an impact in every area of your life


Get ready to start thinking of and believing in things you never thought possible! What used to block you from moving forward will now be completely unblocked. You'll start to experience doors opening for you and bringing into your life everything you want. 

My work has helped thousands of people that have felt just like you do.

See what they have to say: 

When I met Stephanie I felt very stuck, I did not want to be visible and wanted to give up. I didn’t feel it was possible to move forward in my business because I didn’t know my worth and didn’t have confidence in myself to believe it was possible. I knew that by saying yes to myself to work with Stephanie my life was going to change. And let me tell you, my life has never been this exciting. I speak up the way I truly want in a crowd, I feel confident when I share my services, I have been easily attracting my ideal clients, and I have shined brighter than I ever have before. I have truly up leveled.

—  Elbony Riggins

Elbony Riggins_circle.png

Certified Life & Relationship Coach

 This isn’t your typical transformational sessions or relationship.

I’m committed to and will support you in getting you

exactly what you so deeply desire.

* Pinky Promise *

We will master your mind and upgrade your life, together. Just so you know, when we work together it is not my job to make you feel good. It's my job to support you in connecting to, and expressing the deepest most powerful part of yourself so you can have what you want.

Together we will transform your life from the inside out. 


You will have a completely new way of thinking and being that will lead you to a new you. The YOU who feels deeply fulfilled and has exactly what you want.


Get ready to step into your power, see even bigger possibilities for yourself in your life and business, and make it all a reality.

You will create a powerful new identity.

A powerful new YOU who has everything you've ever wanted and more

After reviewing your application, if I know I can support you, I’ll reach out to set up a discovery call to answer any questions you may have, share the program details, and to make sure we’re the right fit!

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